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Photographers … gear heads by nature, we are constantly looking for methods to enhance our craft. Sure, there are many posts out there to learn basic technique, structure, even progressed concepts such as making use of off video camera flash to light a wedding party. Yet the meat and bones of digital photography (since the invention of electronic handling) has actually become all about the gear. Expensive cams, professional lenses, fancy (no word play here intended) accessories – Suppliers present and enhance these yearly. There are an overwelming number of options around: Nikon, Canon, even Sony currently all have amazing cams and lenses that can generating amazing pictures.

Nikon’s D800 as well as flagship D4 are amazing instruments that can create results we might just fantasize regarding only 5 years ago. Canon has their 5d as well as 1d collection, and also sony has their brand-new A99 DSLR also. We all want the most effective equipment available to guarantee we are affordable, as well as much of us tend to ‘jump ship’ every year to a different maker that uses something different. If you find yourself persistently contrasting different brand names, lenses, etc, I have some solid recommendations for you, offered to me by my spouse that has no digital photography experience: Discover the gear you have.

No, I’m not bitching regarding people who utilize gear as a substitute for skills – this advice is meant for people that have problem composing their mind on where to go next. This is for people that know just how to run their camera, however are tempted by the numerous various other offerings that suppliers create. This recommendations was meant for ME, as well as my partner was tired of hearing me grumble concerning new cameras! Let me show this idea for you:

I am lucky enough to have a Nikon D800 currently. Prior to that, I had a Sony a900, and a Nikon D90 prior to that. I like my D800, but Sony coupled with Zeiss lenses had a remarkable high quality and also look that I found myself missing out on. Having a hard time to and fro between switching to the brand-new Sony a99 (not yet released at that time) or sticking with Nikon, my spouse instantly obtained fed up and also provided that bit of suggestions, possibly much more out of sheer irritation than a wish to help. “You should learn the cam you have currently rather than buying a brand-new one”. Simple, right? You’ve heard it a thousand times previously, right? Well, this was my other half so I paid attention a little bit more detailed. Right here’s what adhered to:

I kept my Nikon D800 and also started discovering the VIDEO CAMERA much better. Initially, I found out exactly how to take advantage of Nikon’s incredible auto-iso while capturing in manual setting. Now I could keep the very same setups, obtain the same look and depth of area in several situations, and allow the ISO be the only variable, which the video camera controlled. Result? Currently I can fire weddings with a starting direct exposure point and still cover a range of lighting circumstances while making extremely fast, specific modifications on the fly. my wedding digital photography enhanced dramatically.

Next off, I found out just how to map a customized function button to find metering and also making use of direct exposure lock to lock it in. I was instantly able to expose perfectly in any kind of situation, especially on area interaction fires. in difficult lights, spot meter on the face, struck EV lock as well as BAM! immediate perfection. Mapping it to the custom-made function button permitted me to select place metering without taking the electronic camera far from my eye. Result? My interaction as well as outdoors picture photography improved considerably.

I continued discovering the ins and outs as well as nuances of my video camera and also lenses. I found out by 24-70 f2.8 backfocused awfully yet my 70-200 f2.8 was sensational whatsoever distances. This brought about me saving myself at an event where I switched from my 24-70 to the 70-200 because of me not having the ability to rely on the 24-70 when specific deepness of field was called for. result? tack sharp pictures (at the expenditure of a tighter plant) rather than an out of focus mess. I gained a brand-new customer. I now knew where all the buttons were by memory, and can manipulate them without ever taking a look at them. This enhanced my speed as well as performance.

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