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I’m Robert, husband to Justin as well as daddy to David, Luke and Emily. My household and I stay in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m the owner and main writer of shannonjhernandez.com.

On this website you’ll locate blog posts concerning charm, style, dishes, as well as various other a lot more individual parts of my life.

Although the web content may concentrate on shallow things, I don’t think that is where self-respect originates from. I’m a Christian and am so appreciative to have a relationship with the Lord. We attend a great church in the location called The Summit. Our life is exceptionally complete and fantastic, and also I’m so grateful to have a community online to share it with!

Is your washroom teeming with legions of barely-used lotions and also remedies that neither delight neither deliver? Are you baffled by the advertising exaggeration (as well as unpronounceable components) you stumble upon while browsing relentless elegance aisles?

This blog site was birthed when two skin treatment obsessives expanded irritated by the all-too-often contemptuous messaging (as well as underwhelming offerings) they found throughout the appeal industry. Having purchased innumerable inadequate lotions as well as frustrating serums, I have actually promised to boycott restroom cabinets packed with hollow promises (as well as lost pounds).

Eventually I decided to evaluate our restroom elegance stash and kid up the price of the quarter-used products we ‘d squandered our hard-earned loan on (I attempt you to attempt it!). For me, this totaled up to just-shy of ₤ 900, which supplied the ‘push’ we required to start on our quest to curate a charm Hall of Popularity: our very own reliable treasure trove of items that our consumers can trust.

We are a committed team of beauty supporters on the quest for the coolest cult items the globe has to provide – from the current scientific discoveries to hundred-year-old remedies that have never ever been bettered – Cult Elegance is the location for those looking for the next big point.

Whether it’s an analytical therapy or a yet unheard-of oil, we pride ourselves on our transparency (we list full ingredients and release all evaluations) and also only sell the items that blow us away.

So, you wish to know what makes an item ‘cult’?

Besides evoking screeches of joy when it reaches CBHQ (an excellent indicator that we’re on to a winner), it additionally needs to surpass all our expectations (and also usually move the goalposts entirely).

These are the products you will. not. be. parted from– the containers you dutifully decant, the tubes you scissor open and the bottles you keep inverted to ensure you don’t waste a solitary drop. These products are the ones you could use until your last breath.

Company fixtures of compose artists’ kits, you’ll locate these solutions jealously safeguarded backstage at style weeks and photoshoots, as well as likewise in the shower rooms of the AAA-List that choose these items for love (not cash). Terribly effective, these do ‘what they state on the tin’ and afterwards some … the only thing they will certainly refrain is dissatisfy.