10 Reasons Your Google+ Profile Is Getting Left In The Dust

Google Plus Profile Getting Left in The Dust 600

If you’ve been a subscriber to this blog for quite some time, you’ve learned that the success of your Google+ profile/page is reliant on one person:


Things just don’t “happen” by having a profile if you’ve loosely “been on” Google+.  As with all things, you have to work toward building a group of individuals that can reciprocate trust.  This isn’t just a Google+ concept no more than it is a concept of life.

Any time I get out and speak about Google+, there’s one thing that entrepreneurs find difficult: SOCIALIZING.  Look, I get it.  Socializing is a tough pill to swallow.  After all, this is a “social” “network” that you’re dealing with and jumping on the platform and pumping your own content won’t cut it regardless of who you talk with.

Let me help you wrap your mind around some things that might be leaving your profile or page in the dust:

1.) You Aren’t +1ing Other People’s Content

Did you know that anytime you +1 someone else’s content that your +1 shows up in someone else’s stream if they have circled you?  Although this is the simplest form of engagement, it does show your potential followers that you are engaging on the network.

Therefore, I recommend you start +1ing content that interests you.  Not only will you passively say, “Hey I approve of this content,” but you will also spread the word about potential content that is helping out others. Content that you +1 in Google+ WIll show up in other people's stream

2.) You’re Link Dropping By Sharing From a Website or “Checking In” Once In a While

Lemme just say it here and now for the social media strategists and SEOs that think link dropping inside of Google+ is “good for SEO”.

Wait, what is link dropping?

It’s anytime someone shares a link inside of Google+ without giving a description of the link they are sharing or giving reason as to why they are sharing it.

Look, sharing a link inside of Google+ is only good if you have built an audience of people who value your content. If you think about it, what good does dropping a bum link inside of Google+ if you’re not getting any engagement?

I don’t need to furnish a study to tell you that Google+ posts can index organically if you’re driving traffic to them. If you’ve done a search on something, you may have come across a Google+ post that A.) Has a ton of +1s and B.) Has massive engagement. Enough with the link dropping already please and start providing quality.

Good Link Sharing:


Bad Link Sharing (Link Dropping):

Bad Link Sharing

3.) You Haven’t Personalized Your Stream

Although this portion of the blog may be conjecture, I have always been a proponent of personalizing a news feed or stream of information.  Whether I am out and about at a concert and sharing photos of that concert or visiting my folks in Northern Arizona, I let people see that my profile is real and functioning.

Profiles and pages that are all about “business, business, business” don’t get my love and attention.  What makes you think that someone else will give it the love and attention?  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share stuff that is just about your business, but let’s try to put a little “person” in the personality of your page or profile. I prefer to have a mix of content on my Public stream for people to browse when they visit my profile.

Although they know that I am highly focused on spreading the Google Gospel, they also see that I am human. What are the things that you stand for? Have you sought them out on Google+? Are you finding posts that you think will help people in any way possible? Share your favorite 80s music video or cat GIF.  Regardless, make sure you’re providing quality content that people will want to see.


4.) You Haven’t Uploaded a Quality Headshot to Your Profile

I’ve seen profile photos range from cartoon caricatures to shots of you with a group of people crowded into a tiny space.  Unless you don’t care about blogging or want people to put a face to the name, then you need to include a quality headshot in this section of your profile.

Not only do profiles help identify you on Google+, but they are also a good for when you author content. In other words, when you do your Google search, you’re noticing search results with profile photos on the left of the result.  The image is pulled from Google+ when you set up your authorship.

Do yourself (and the entire world a favor) and show your smiling face.  It will do you more good than harm! :)

5.) You’ve Never Been on a Hangout Call Where You’ve Met Brand New People

We hear all this talk that you can’t find people on Google+ and that it’s just too difficult to build a following of people on Google+.  I’m afraid to say that this is a myth. I also want to tell you that one way you can build up your following is to:

A.) Participate in someone else’s live HOA  via comments section.

B.) Hold your own HOA where you invite guests to come on and talk about their expertise.

Success on Google+ doesn’t come instantly.  Like anything, it takes time to build a following of individuals who will consider you an influencer in your own field.  Therefore, it’s time for you to stop warming the bench and to get out there and get in the game.

You can typically find amazing online events happening on Friday as everyone seems to be holding their own events live on that day.  Or, you can always go to the Hangouts tab and find live Hangouts as they happen.  If you’re lost on where you can find these events, check out this GIF on where to find these events at any given time:

How to Find Hangouts Events


6.) You Aren’t Sharing Other People’s Content

OK, so you’re actually sharing other people’s content from their website, but do they have a presence on Google+?  Smart Plussers know the value of having a profile and a page within the network if it is all about building their network.  But let me back up for a second…

You know those fancy Like/+1/Tweet buttons that are on most websites? Well, yes, you can share directly from a site.

But what about sharing other people’s content inside of Google+?  This is where the real magic happens.  

Typically you’re going to find those who are Google+ to be more active than they are on their other social profiles.  Whether they are finding content from a website or sharing a picture, they are providing you the golden opportunity to share content from their page and even give them kudos for the great content.

Long story short, share people’s content from inside of Google+.  This will give an indication that you care and that you are willing to pore through their profile stream for something you can share onto your own.  If you do decide to share content from a person’s website, check to see if they have a presence on Google+ then try and tag them when you make your Google+ update.  This is just common courtesy.

7.) You’ve Misconstrued Search Rank Expectations For Immediate Results

I’ll say it again: Don’t let some SEO guy tell you that posting once a day on Google+ is going to immediately rank you and your content on the first page of Google+.  It just doesn’t happen that way. There are a lot of these yahoos that are out in the public and I just want to make sure that we’re letting people know that this is a true misconception.

If you’re looking to rank inside of a Google search, it’s very possible that one of your posts can get indexed on the first page only if it has gained a lot of traffic from inside of Google+!  You can do this by building a network of people. Hey, are you catching a theme here?

Think of Google+ as the first coat of paint on a wall. If you’re only applying one coat of paint, the wall is going to have spots that will need touching up. Sometimes you have to apply a second coat with touch-ups so that the wall looks uniform.

The same thing applies in Google+. You don’t just rank by posting once a day and leaving 20 seconds later. The first coat is building a quality network on Google+ and nurturing that relationship.  As you continue to share quality content, then the second coat of paint shows up in organic search–you’ll fall consistent with your presence on both Google+ and Google.com. Let’s not forget that for every person that circles you in Google+, they can perform a search of any kind at any time to find that your Google+ posts are showing up in search.

8.) You Haven’t Given the Platform the Honest Attention It Deserves

I don’t expect everyone to be an expert on Google+.  However, I do expect that you give the platform an honest try when it comes to navigating, sharing, socializing, etc. If you have ever found yourself saying, “I don’t get Google+. It’s just too confusing and I’m just going to keep using Facebook,” then–I’m afraid to even say this–you haven’t been patient enough to learn how to use the basic functions of Google+.  

This is almost like saying that you don’t want to do inverted push-ups because they’re harder than regular push-ups.  I get that it might be hard the first time around, but I didn’t learn Google+ just by being on it once and giving up.

I have to sometimes remember that not everyone is like me when it comes to learning how to use a new tool or trade.  But when it comes to your business success, then you will do everything in your power to learn that platform if it means making money down the line. Do yourself a favor and reevaluate why you haven’t seen success and go out and search for the answers in a Google search! I promise you that in no time you’ll see a maturation in your profile as you trudge for the answers.

9.) You’re Too Focused on Other Social Networks

Once again, I don’t expect many to go about and dump Facebook right away.  Shoot, I haven’t done that yet, but only because I have a completely different audience on Facebook than I do on Google+.  I know this and I understand it. If you have a Facebook fan base of 32K, then I’d stay with it.  

Just know that your business posts will be throttled by Facebook and only a small percentage of those people are actually putting eyes on your content. But if you are in the game to find a whole new audience that could potentially make you more money through your website, then I recommend you start giving a lot more attention to Google+ as it has value in people who are serious about real networking.

We live in a world where people are always searching for answers.  What better way than to go to the network where finding the answer is easy. To me, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

10.) You Haven’t Built Relationships

The world these days is so “automation happy” with their social profiles. The one thing people complain about is the fact that you can’t automate from Facebook or Twitter to Google+.  In fact, their biggest complaint is that you have to actually jump on the network so you can post your content. GOD FORBID!

But let’s think about it this way, can you automate a real relationship in real life? I mean, that’s like saying you’re going to meet your girlfriend for dinner, but instead of you showing up, you send the front receptionist to perform all the same duties and tasks as you would in person.  No bueno.

There is something fruitful about learning about another person–whether good or bad.  When you’re on Google+, you learn what people like and dislike just as you would on Facebook or Twitter.  Then, you learn that your branding efforts go a lot further and people will remember you if you start reaching out and communicating.

It’s always interesting to me when people call me “Shan the Man” on Google+ and know that I love rock music and Google+. But they also know that I love to be positive about my experiences everywhere–a complete 180 from who I was a few years ago.1

The bottom line here is that you should be working on building your relationships and trying to be helpful.  This goes a long way when people see that you have placed efforts into something online–like this:

Just promise me that you’ll be passionate about who you are and what you stand for in your daily life.  That’s how you will separate yourself from the rest whether it’s on Facebook or Google+.

  1. It’s amazing how one person or experience can have a major impact on your life. []

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  • Tony Adams

    Great post, Shannon! What I love about your work is your focus on the “personal” – everything you say and write comes down to that key point…to succeed on G+, we need to be personal, talk with (not “at”) people through conversation, and connect through relationships. I love that.

    Thanks for writing this article – it just reinforced (again) everything that I admire about your work, mate.

  • http://www.shannonjhernandez.com/ Shannon J. Hernandez

    Thank you so much @disqus_NFZNNeArRP:disqus! I really appreciate you taking the time to come on the blog and comment. I’m sorry that I didn’t see this earlier! I need to set the notifications to come up on my phone so that I know people are posting! Regardless, yes! You have to talk WITH people so they can build trust!

    I hope all is going well with you and you’re prepping for winter! It’s about to hit 95F here today!

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