How Do You Humanize Your Brand?

What does it take for you to really connect with your audience? Some people think that auto-posting 5 times a day works while others believe that it's showing up on every other webinar to sell a product. I'm not saying that any one of these things is the wrong way (because there are certainly other people out there doing it better than I am), but do you really feel as though you know … [Read more...]

Getting Over The Sound Of Your Own Voice

Watch this video on YouTube by clicking here. See me speak live at Podcast San Diego on March 28, 2014. Get your early-bird ticket by clicking here. To this day I can remember the tape recorder that my parents gave me and my siblings so we could listen to our favorite Michael Jackson or Men at Work tapes.  For me, I suppose the desire to be a radio personality started when I took blank tapes and … [Read more...]

Make Your Podcast Sound Professional

Watch this video on YouTube by clicking here. Let me be straightforward with you right now about you and your podcast... Even though you think your podcast sounds professional, I am willing to bet that there are some things in your podcast that you can work on to make you sound more like a professional broadcaster.  Likely you're a business owner or some type of entrepreneur that is all about … [Read more...]